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Wynnstay Lambmaster 25kg


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Lambmaster is a 16% crude protein diet formulated with the correct mineral balance and ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi.

Using specialist feeds will help ensure animals have the right nutrition and trace minerals for growth and offer a palatable and balanced feed, with the correct balance of starch and sugars for optimal performance.

The high level of digestible fibre also offers a stable feed for the rumen of optimal growth-rates. 

Lambmaster pellets include a sweetener ‘Lamb Sweet’ to stimulate intake.

LambMaster™ Lamb Feeds

The LambMaster™ range of compound feeds and Wynngold™ ewe milk replacers available exclusively from Wynnstay, ensure your lambs get
off to the best start possible and finish profitably.

All Wynnstay feed products are supported by our technical, sales and marketing teams whose aim is to help you maximise the health and performance of your lambs.

The LambMaster™ range consists of four feed varieties:

  • LambMaster™ GOLD PELLETS – A 19% protein, ultra high energy, high quality protein lamb feed, designed to be fed ad lib from one week of age to slaughter. Suited to fast growing indoor lambs.
  • LambMaster™ PREMIUM PELLETS – An 18% protein, high energy lamb feed designed for creep feeding or for feeding from three days of age to slaughter.
  • LambMaster™ SUPREME PELLETS – A high quality 18% protein lamb feed, designed for traditional systems. LambMaster™ Supreme is designed for feeding from one week of age or as a store lamb growing diet before finishing on LambMaster™ Finisher
  • LambMaster™ FINISHER PELLETS/NUTS – A specialist, high energy, high starch 16% protein lamb feed, designed for feeding ad-lib on high performance finishing systems or to store lambs alongside roots or brassicas.

Creep Feeding

The value of creep feeding for early lambs to achieve rapid growth rates and catch the lucrative early market is well proven. Creep fed lambs will potentially grow more than 3 times faster than non-creep fed lambs. In wet and cold late springs, some creep feeding will be invaluable for lamb survival.

Intensive Early Lamb Production

Usually for December/January lambing flocks who wish to finish lambs at peak of spring price rise. Lambs can be weaned at 6 weeks and remain indoors or turned out with the ewes and fed pellets until finished. Provide a well-lit, clean, creep area to encourage lambs to creep feed.
Provide dry bedding, good ventilation and fresh water at all times. Offer LambMaster™ Premium or LambMaster™ Gold pellets gradually, over a period of 7 days and then ad libitum.




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