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Wynnstay Ewe Master 20kg


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EweMaster™ Sheep Feeds

Features and Benefits

● Contain high levels of protein and use high quality protein sources thus encouraging the ewe to milk off her back to maximise milk production, improving lamb growth.Ewemaster Sheep
● Quality, high energy concentrates with a spread of raw materials including a balance of starch sugars, digestible fibre and fat, enabling healthy rumen function.
● Contain optimum levels of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium to avoid hypocalcaemia
● Contain a unique Vitamin and Trace element supplement including generous levels of:-

Cobalt – associated with lambs standing and suckling earlier
Iodine – required for the production of active brown adipose tissue which provides energy for shivering (in newborn lambs, 30% of heat generation comes from brown fat)
Zinc – active in immunity against disease and essential in the production of Keratin, affecting both udder and foot health
Zinc Methionate – well proven to be more effective than all other sources of Zinc
Vitamin E & Sel-Plex® Selenium – essential for lamb vigour, survivability and immunity to disease.



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