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Sweet Meadow Veteran Mix 20KG


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Sweet Meadow Veteran Mix is a low sugar, high fibre mix with exceptional palatability to tempt the sick or convalescing horse. Cod liver Oil is also added to the mix, which can aid joint support in the older horse.

Each horse is an individual and just like people they show signs of ageing at different stages in their lifetime. Horses over the age of fifteen were once considered veterans. However, with the advances and improvements in equine nutrition horses are living and working longer. Many of our top competition horses in the U.K. are over fifteen years old.

Working closely with large numbers of owners of veteran horses alongside the application of scientific principles this mix has been formulated to maintain condition and quality of life in the older horse.

Nutritional Information  
Oil 4%
Protein 12%
Fibre 12%
Ash 7%


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