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Sweet Meadow Herbal Mix 20KG


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Sweet Meadow Herbal Mix is a bright, light muesli mix with long fibre chaff and a low sugar coating. It is extremely palatable and can be fed to all horses & ponies with confidence.

This mix has been formulated to provide a good fibre:concentrate ratio which is important for healthy gut function. The fibre maintains gut- movement and supports the hindgut microbial population essential for good gut health. The long fibre in the mix encourages pulsating movements in the gut (peristalsis) which ensures more of the feed reaches the hindgut where the sustained energy is produced by the microbes.

Energy is provided in two forms; slow release energy from fibre and readily available energy from carbohydrates. It is important to have both in the desired proportions to maintain a healthy but calm horse or pony. A good balance of fibre to concentrate is very influential in helping to avoid laminitis occurring.

The low sugar coating helps to minimise the amount of glucose available. Glucose is produced from carbohydrates in the foregut and needs to be limited where calmness is required.

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