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Skretting Select Marine Halibut Pellet 22ml – Drilled and Undrilled


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An irresistible bait feed for carp and other specimen fish. Based on Skretting’s highly successful Marine Halibut feeds, the new Select Marine bait feeds have been specially developed in response to demand from the angling market for a highly attractive, highly digestible pelleted bait feed suitable for big carp and other specimen fish.

Select Marine bait feeds are nutritionally complete diets containing the optimum balance between protein, fat, carbohydrate, energy, vitamins and minerals. They are carefully formulated using a mix of high quality protein and energy sources including highly palatable fish meals, predigested fish meals and fish oils. The use of betaine also ensures high attractiveness. The dietary carbohydrates have also been rendered highly digestible through the use of cooker/extrusion technology which also confers very high physical quality to the pellets. Select Marine bait feeds contain a potent vitamin pack plus a mineral mix to ensure that all the nutritional needs of the fish for growth and health are met. The benefits of using Select Marine bait feeds include irresistible palatability, stimulating a strong feeding response and fully balanced nutrients boosting growth and minimising wastes.

Ingredients Fish meals, Pre-digested fish meal, Prawn/shrimp meal, Fish oil, Wheat, Maize gluten meal, Betaine, Vitamins & Minerals.



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