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Skretting Horizon Sinking Trout Pellets 25kg


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This high oil and strongly scented pellet, is perfect for introducing in large volumes straight from the bag.
This will get almost all species of fish feeding confidently.
Horizon provides trout farmers with excellent growth rates and FCRs at a very cost-effective price. The formulation has been carefully constructed in order to reduce the production of solid wastes to the minimum compatible with the energy content of this feed. Hence, special attention has been paid to the types and levels of vegetable proteins used which have been referenced to Skretting ARC’s huge database of feed ingredients.
All Skretting feeds are formulated to meet minimum digestible protein and minimum digestible amino acid limits. In addition, Horizon is now formulated to meet a minimum digestible level of long-chain omega-3 (n-3) fatty acids and uses a judicious blend of fish oils of different origins and vegetable oil to achieve the right balance. The consequence of this flexibiltiy in ingredient use is that Horizon is remarkably stable in its content of digestible nutrients.
Skretting’s MicroBalance concept has been fully implemented in Horizon. There are many micro-nutrients which have a profound influence on fish nutrition and performance via their effects on digestive and general physiology. MicroBalance focuses on the right micro-nutrients to use and their optimum levels in feed which allows much more flexibility in raw material use. MicroBalance allows Skretting, if necessary, to formulate with lower levels of fishmeal without compromising fish performance.
Ingredients Refer to bag label. A mix of vegetable oil and fish oil is used.

Product Description Target Size* Fish Packaging
Horizon 10 2.3 mm 10 – 30 g 25 kg bags
Horizon 25 3.0 mm 25 – 120 g 25 kg bags /bulk bags
Horizon 100 4.5 mm 100 – 500 g 25 kg bags/bulk bags
Horizon 400 6.0 mm 400 – 900 g 25 kg bags/bulk bags
Horizon 800 8.5 mm 800 g + 25 kg bags/bulk bags

Skretting Horizon TROUT 2.5 25kg- ASTA 0
Skretting Horizon TROUT 3.0 25kg- ASTA 0
Skretting Horizon TROUT 4.5 25kg-ASTA 40
Skretting Horizon TROUT 6.0 25kg- ASTA 25
Skretting Horizon TROUT 8.5 25kg-ASTA 25



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Weight 26 kg
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