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Raco Wooden Mouse Trap 2 pack


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If you have pesky mice on your premises and you need to get rid of them humanely, then the Raco Wooden Mouse Trap does the job. It is easy to use and will kill the mouse swiftly with one quick strike of the kill bar. To set up the trap – pull back the kill bar and place a tasty morsel as bait on the yellow plastic trip plate. Place the metal clip over the kill bar and under the yellow trip plate. Position the trap where you know the mice are frequenting. A mouse will mount the trip plate to get at the bait and WHACK, the mouse will be despatched quickly and humanely.

Preferable bait for mouse traps: Chocolate, sunflower seeds, peanut butter.

Clean and disinfect the mouse trap and re-set it.

Please ensure that the mouse trap is out of reach of children and pets.

Always wear disposable gloves when handling mouse traps and wash hands thoroughly as an extra precaution.

Size: 9.5cm x 4cm (Pack of 2)

Material: Plastic, Wood and Metal




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