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Pre-Baited Rat Bait Station


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Raco Reusable Pre-baited Rat Bait Station

The RACO pre-baited rat station is the first reusable bait station on the UK market. The bait station is cleverly designed to securely fasten all types of rodent baits and present them attractively to rodents. Safety is paramount and no child or pet can come into contact with the poisons.

The bait station is equipped with its own key to securely lock or open it. A baiting rod is also included to place RACO dife blocks on securely and a bait tray for RACO grain baits either sachets or loose. Last, but not least, it also includes a wall plate to secure it safely against a wall, preventing it being kicked or moved. An all-round solution to rodent control used by the biggest pest control companies.

The pre-baited rat station is ideal to use in any location whether it be at home, in a commercial property or on a farm. Once it’s been safely positioned it can be continually used and topped up with RACO baits when needed.

Contains 2 x 50gm RACO dife blocks
Lockable, durable and shock resistant
Contains wall plate, baiting rod and bait tray
Weather resistant
Indoor and outdoor use
Safe to use around children and pets



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