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NEW Magnet Therapy Brushing Boots work to support and condition the lower leg in an entirely natural way. These Magnetic therapy boots feature six rare earth magnets per pair for deep, effective treatment. The magnets are magnetised for life and are positioned over the two main blood vessels in the lower leg for optimum effect.They are super comfortable too, featuring soft fleece lining and are ideal for light exercise, turn out or box rest. The universal fitting means they can be used on either front or hind legs.
Any lower leg injuries or hoof conditions, such as splints, tendon injuries, suspensory or other ligament damage, split hooves, laminitis, abscise’ and arthritis etc., also neck, back, knee and hock abnormalities. A further application is to relieve tension and promote relaxation prior to, and during, horse transportation. The boots also help to promote the general well being of the horse, as newly ‘conditioned’ blood will flow throughout the body, normalising body functions and condition, particularly after intense exercise or competition.
NEW are the only manufacturer to use the most powerful ‘Anisotropic Neodymium’ magnets (6 magnets per pair) for deep penetration through dense body tissue.
NEW Magnet Therapy Brushing boots are aligned to the main lower leg arteries (running down the back of the cannon bone) and effectively treat and detoxify the whole body blood supply.
Magnet Therapy Brushing boots are therefore highly effective for treating symptoms in other parts of the body – often far away from the lower leg region (such as back and neck).
NEW Magnet Therapy boots are supplied in pairs so each leg is treated the same.
NEW Magnet Therapy boots are exceptionally comfortable for an injured horse, yet tough and lightweight. They provide essential brushing protection during the gentle exercise in convalescence.
New Equine Wear customers consistently report outstanding results over a wide range of ailments.

Magnet therapy is not new – both the Chinese and ancient Egyptians used magnetic iron ore to assist healing over 3,000 years ago.
NEW Magnet Therapy boots use ‘Unipolar’ magnet application, which research has shown increases magnetic field penetration 4-6 times more than ‘Bipolar’ magnets. We use Neodymium (rare earth) magnets, which are the most advanced and highest quality available – magnetised for life – to get deep into body tissues, muscles, tendons, nerves and bones. The magnetic field can penetrate up to 200mm (8 inches), depending on the density of body tissue.
The magnets provide a ‘static’ magnetic therapy, which improves blood circulation and enhances the body’s own natural ability to heal. Blood corpuscles and organic particles carry both the earth’s natural magnetic field and static charge. These particles become agitated when subjected to an external magnetic field, which has the effect of increasing blood flow, without increasing heart rate. Inflammation is usually associated with damaged cells, causing blood flow to be restricted. By increasing blood flow, the removal of toxins and organic waste matter from the injured area is greatly increased; and the delivery of oxygen, proteins, minerals and
other nutrients (essential for new cell growth) is increased also. Healthy new cell growth replaces damaged tissue and inflammation subsides. Speed of recovery is therefore significantly improved.
Research by medical scientists in Europe and the USA, supported by the results of clinical testing, shows that
magnetic therapy: increases cellular oxygen, increases fluid and gas circulation by dilating blood vessels, improves cell permeability, reduces fluid retention, reduces inflammation, normalises acid base balance, relieves pain, relieves withdrawal symptoms by reducing inflammation (non-addictive), improves mental agility and willingness, promotes mental well being and bright disposition, reduces/dissolves fatty deposits.

Leading medical scientists, doctors and specialist equine vets all agree that the use of magnets is safe, non-invasive and pain free. Research shows there are no harmful side effects.
New Equine Wear recommends that the boots are initially used for up to 6 hours per day, then increased gradually up to a maximum of 22 hours per day. This allows the injury to be frequently monitored. The boots can be used when the horse is on box rest, turned out, or during gentle exercise
such as walking or gentle flatwork. They should not be used during strenuous work, but can be fitted before
or after competition, to condition the body generally and help normalise muscle and body functions. Magnet Therapy boots should not be used on injuries less than 48 hours old, on or near open or acutely infected
wounds. Do not use where metal pins have been surgically implanted. Any bleeding must have completely
subsided and the clotting process be well advanced before using magnet therapy products. Always monitor
and re-assess your horse’s condition regularly. Seek veterinary advice if in doubt, or if the condition persists
for long periods.
New Equine Wear Magnetic Therapy boots are machine washable at 30°c. The magnets are specially nickel-plated, then powder coated to ensure they will not deteriorate with washing. For and comfort allow the horse to have a few hours a day without boots, to get air circulating round the leg and to allow the skin to breathe fully. For hygiene, wash the boots regularly.





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