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Monkey Nuts


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Monkey Nuts are peanuts in shells, that can be fed to wild birds that visit your garden by threading them together with string and hanging them from a bird table, tree or other suitable position in the garden. Monkey Nuts also known as Peanuts in Shells or Fancies are particularly popular with Woodpeckers, Blue Tits, Siskins and Finches who will often choose these in preference to whole peanuts, but are also loved by squirrels, chipmunks, caged birds and small pets, that must break the shell of the monkey nuts to reveal the high energy peanuts inside.

Just thread a few together and watch the wild birds and squirrels try to extract the peanuts from their shells or just feed them loose from a wild bird table or ground feeder. As monkey nuts are high in fats and oils, if you intend to feed them to your small animals and caged birds, to avoid overfeeding please feed them as part of a healthy balanced diet, otherwise you might find your hamster gains too much weight!

Monkey Nuts are also popular with parrots as they enjoy extracting the peanuts from the shell and can be added to your favourite parrot food or seed mix for extra variety! Please note all our monkey nuts we sell are Grade 1, Aflatoxin tested for aspergillus, for the health and safety of your parrots and wild birds that visit your garden to feed, unlike some online suppliers.

Although monkey nuts can be fed to wild birds all year round from a ground feeder, bird table or hung on string, during the breeding season when fledglings are around between April and September, we recommend you use a wire mesh peanut feeder to avoid young birds from choking on whole peanuts inside the shells!


Monkey Nuts in Shell – Key Benefits

– 100% natural, with no additives
– Protein 25%, 564 calories per 100g
– High in calories, energy, fibre and fat
– Blue Tits, Woodpeckers, Siskins and Finches love them
– Also suitable for parrots, squirrels, chipmunks and small pets

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