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King British Algae Guard

King British Algae Guard is a naturally derived, eco-friendly product for the control of Algae in aquariums.

King British Algae Guard is a naturally derived, eco-friendly product for the control of Algae aquariums. It is produced from organically-grown Barley straw. When algae takes hold in an aquarium, not only is it unsightly, but it can also be lethal to fish as it drastically lowers oxygen levels. Algae can also restrict the growth of beneficial oxygenating plants, thus disturbing the natural balance of the aquarium.

King British De-Chlorinator (formerly known as Safe Guard)

King British De-Chlorinator makes tap water safe for fish. Use during initial tank set-up and whenever conducting partial water changes. De-Chlorinator neutralises harmful chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals allowing tap water to be safely added to a fish tank. Also contains Aloe Vera to aid fish health. For use in tropical & coldwater aquariums. One 100 ml bottle will treat 900 litres of tap water.

King British Filter Aid+ (formerly known as Safe Water)

King British Filter Aid+ is a rich-source of friendly-microbes that will help you maintain better water quality. A weekly addition to your aquarium water will reduce harmful ammonia & nitrite, making the water safer for your fish. Regular use improves the development of the biological filter for clean, clear water. For use in coldwater, tropical and marine aquariums. One 100ml bottle will enrich up to 900 litres.


King British PH Plus

King British pH Plus increases the pH of water by the addition of non-alkaline buffers in coldwater, tropical & marine aquariums. Ideal for use with Lake Malawi & Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids.

King British PH Minus

King British pH Minus contains hydrochloric acid to lower the pH of water in coldwater & tropical aquariums. It stablises skin & gill function in fish, creates suitable living conditions for ornamental fish from tropical soft-water areas & counteracts dark discolouration in Discus.

King British Green Water Control

King British Green Water Control targets the tiny unicellular algae in your fish tank that cause “green water”. This special additive causes the algae to clump together and fall to the bottom of the tank, where they can be more easily removed. “Green Water” is unsightly, can clog filters, and can be bad for fish health, as it can reduce oxygen availability at night. For use in coldwater & tropical aquariums. One 100ml bottle will treat 900 litres of tank water.

King British Aquatic Plant Food

King British Aquatic Plant Food provides essential nutrients to encourage healthy plant growth. This specially developed formula includes essential nutrients in the form of trace elements required by aquatic plants to encourage healthy growth. As well as adding to the beauty of your aquarium plants, it also helps improve water quality. Plants absorb nitrate (present in the water from fish waste, uneaten food, etc.), so will not encourage unwanted algal growth. Aquatic Plant Food does not contain nitrate or phosphate that would encourage this.






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King British Algae Guard, 100ml, King British De-Chlorinator 100ml, King British Disease Clear, 100ml, King British Filter Aid+ 100ml, King British Fin Rot & Fungus Control, 100ml, King British Green Water Control, 100m, King British PH Plus, 100ml, King British Plant Food, 100ml


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