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Graze on Gold Blend


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GRAZE-ON Gold Blend

GRAZE-ON Gold Blend is made from a combination of 100% natural dried grass and specially conditioned soft straw. Dust extracted and dressed with a touch of low-sugar molasses and soya oil, it provides a highly nutritious, palatable and free-flowing forage.
A high-fibre maintenance feed, GRAZE-ON Gold Blend provides slow-release energy in the form of highly digestible fibre. It also aids good digestion by slowing the passage of food through the gut.
Suitable for all horses and ponies in all levels of work
High levels of digestible fibre
Similar feed values to good quality hay
Feed as a partial or complete hay replacer
Ideal high-fibre maintenance feed
Prolongs eating time and can be added to prevent bolting of hard feeds
Dust extracted


Gold blend

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