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General purpose Coarse Ration 25kg


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A coarse ration, or coarse mix, can combine straight raw materials, pellets and Micronized flakes to create a muesli like product which is both visually appealing and high in nutritional content. There are many grades of coarse mixtures, from a simple blend, to fully processed rations that include the addition of liquids and minerals in a controlled batch process and mixing plant. Coarse rations are common in the pedigree agricultural markets, Equine  and in the small pet industry.

Feeding Naturally – All Specialist Coarse Rations are manufactured using only wholesome natural ingredients which are fully traceable and do not contain any medications or growth promoters.

This is a quality, versatile ration with NO added copper which can be fed to both sheep and cattle of all ages. Useful for the smallholder with small numbers of each species.
Nutritional Information

Oil 3%
Protein 16%
Fibre 9%

Additional information

Weight 25 kg


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