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Fishmeal Provimi 66


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Provimi 66 Fish Meal

This product is possibly one of the best fish meals available with excellent digestible properties. It has a fine floury texture with distinctive aroma.

It is processed using spray drying & flash pasteurisation. Resulting in a very high attraction & nutritional value meal

Provimi 66 is an industry standard fish meal, tested at 66% protein and 7% fish oil.
Provimi’s protein content of 66% is why this meal is named ‘Provimi 66’. About 78% of this protein is digestible.
Fish have 10 essential amino acids they cannot synthesize and therefore must be provided by food. Provimi 66 supplies amounts of all of these.
Use as a bulk ingredient in fish meal boilie and paste mixes, groundbaits and in glugs.
Provimi is used extensively in the bait trade and has been included at varying levels in hundreds of commercially available boilies, catching thousands upon thousands of fish.




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