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Companion CA-37 with added probiotic.




Companion CA-37 is used to optimise general health and wellbeing in dogs and cats. With added probiotic.


Companion CA-37 is a specially formulated nutritional supplement extensively used to optimise feline and canine wellbeing and overall health. Containing a complex blend of key nutrients designed to specifically encourage optimal digestive health, Companion CA-37 is ideal for young, pregnant and lactating animals. Due to its high probiotic content, Companion CA-37 promotes the healthy gut flora, enhancing your animal’s natural ability to break down, digest and absorb all the goodness from its daily feed. Suitable for times of stress and convalescence.

How to use

Dogs and cats up to 5kg, give 0.5g. Dogs between 5-10kg, use 1g. Dogs between 10-20kg, give 1.5g. Dogs between 20-30kg, use 2g. Dogs 30kg and over, use 3g.

Handy Tips

The 2.5ml scoop provided when filled level will provide approximately 1┬Żof supplement. This can be used as a guide for estimating the other dosage levels.


Cooked Maize Meal, Wheatfeed, Inactivated Yeast, Corn Gluten Meal, Probiotic Powder (2%), Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals.








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