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Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment 400ml


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Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment 400ml tub. An intense treatment for an existing Scaly Leg Mite problem.

A natural, chemical-free method of treament for Scaly Leg Mite by direct application to the legs, feet, comb and wattle. Scaly Leg Ointment suffocates scaly leg parasites instantly by physical means whilst soothing and calming irritation.

Directions for use : When buying in birds always check them over and treat them as a matter of course before introducing them to clean birds. Use Scaly Leg Ointment regularly as a barrier against Scaly Leg Mite. Apply liberally to the legs from the hocks down, not forgetting the comb and wattle which can also be affected. Affected birds must be isolated as Scaly Leg is extremely contagious.

Repeat application every 5 to 6 days to break the egg cycle. All housing must be cleared of bedding and debris and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.



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