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How To Feed The BARF Diet
If your dog is already used to eating a percentage of raw meat and bones in its diet then switching to a complete raw diet should be very easy. If your dog is not used to the taste and texture of raw meat then you will need to introduce this slowly as his digestive tract will need to adjust to this new food. We suggest that you start by replacing 1/4 of your dog’s daily food with raw meat and vegetables and gradually increase this amount, over a period of seven to ten days, until you are feeding 100% BARF Diet. If you are still feeding kibble then, it is advisable to treat it and raw meat as two separate meals because kibble takes longer to digest. Defrost as much food as you need per day.
Do not re-freeze food once it has been defrosted but, any food that you have not used, can be kept safely in your fridge for 3-4 days.

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