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Postage Charges

We at Feedsforyou have chosen to offer a realistic price for our products then charge for the postage on the weight you have ordered, we feel this is a fairer way to operate instead of elevating the prices of all products.

Examples of mainland Uk postage

0-150g =£.90

0-1.9kg =£2.00

1kg- 14kg =£3.50

14.01kg-28kg =£4.99

28kg-29kg =£6.99

29.01kg-56kg = £9.99

56-57kg =£11.99

57.01kg -84 kg = £14.99

84.01kg =£16.99

85.01kg- 98kg =£19.99

98kg-196kg pro rata on previous figures

pallet delivery 196.01-1000 = £ 90.00